About our family

Me: Mother, marketing consultant, writer, on a unique journey. Campaigning for inclusion and awareness for all our Unique kiddies. Contact on Twitter on @hburness.

Husband: Patient, hard-working, loving husband and father. Proofreader of all maman’s ramblings. Takes up all the exercise time – but we’ll let him off.

Harrison: Our amazing seven year old. Marigold’s brother, best friend, champion and therapist. It is hard to be the sibling of a child with complex needs and boy, does this little dude nail it!

Marigold: Captivating, sweet-natured, golden-haired Marigold. Our unique little girl who changed our lives and completes our family. Proving to the world that different is beautiful and that limits should never be set.

5 thoughts on “About our family

  1. Helen this is really beautifully written and so true about her unique energy. She is captivating because of her calmness and loveliness :). We love having her at nursery when she comes.


  2. We have just found out that our 6 month old daughter has a Genetic disorder so far all we know is that is extra on Chromosome number 3 and I have just sat and cried watching your story on 24 hours in A & E and how it all started was exactly how we got to find out something wasn’t quite right and after 3 months of in and out of hospital we still have a lot to learn but to know we are not alone is so very reassuring at such a vunarble time

    Marigold is just beautiful xx


    • Samantha, have you been put in contact with Unique, the rare chromosome disorder charity? They will be able to put you in touch with others who have similar duplications. We have a little 3q group and are in touch every week to support and help. Their website is http://www.rarechromo.co.uk, their secret FaceBook page is my lifeline!


  3. I have been in contact with Unique after your recommendation thank you so much as so far we have been left in the dark and alone in what feels like a lifetime of the unknown and now feel a little relieved that I have found a form of support for questions I may have

    Thank you so much for your response it is so very much appreciated

    Hope you and your beautiful family are doing well xx


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